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Julie Adams Counselling and Psychotherapy 

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People seek Counselling or Psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons.  You may be experiencing problems within your relationship or family...  You may be facing issues at work, or feeling more stressed than you used to...  You may be finding it hard to recover from a loss, bereavement, or other major  life change...  You may lack confidence and find it difficult to make important decisions...  You may be aware  of generally feeling hopeless, depressed or  anxious...  You may have noticed that you keep ending up in difficult situations, or relationships that feel uncomfortably familiar...  You may have had a difficult childhood, or had a trauma more recently, that you feel is affecting your life now...  You may not be able to identify any obvious issues in your life, but have a sense that you could be much happier and more fulfilled than you are...

What I offer in my Counselling and Psychotherapy practice is a confidential space for you to explore whatever difficulties you are experiencing, to facilitate you in finding the right way forward in your life, and to be alongside you in your journey.    

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision practice based in Kilndown, near Goudhurst, in West Kent.